It's go time

Let our team of implementation experts guide you smoothly to a successful launch

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Your project team will be partnered with Ceridian's so you can work together towards a successful go-live.

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When you're busy with other business priorities, our team will do its best to keep you on track.

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Our process incorporates best practices and world-class service with a trusted and proven method.

A data-driven approach

Dayforce Activate is a technology enabled implementation process that delivers a standardized, consistent experience built around your organization's data. It applies best practices developed from our history of thousands of successful deployments. 

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Ongoing refinement

Building your Dayforce solution properly is critical to your success and ours. Business processes change and so do your wants and needs, so we continuously make updates to your solution to ensure we're incorporating your feedback and improving it where possible.

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Technical expertise

We provide solution oversight to help guide you through the technical aspects of your implementation. We'll work with your schedule to set up regular touchpoints so our technical and product experts can discuss progress, opportunities, roadblocks, and other changes required.

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Testing for real outcomes

Testing is a critical part of your implementation. We test in-depth to ensure your solution is delivering on your business expectations and requirements. We'll show your team how to develop test cases for each business function, demonstrate the execution process and help you validate the results to ensure your solution is performing properly.



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Smooth transition to go-live

Your implementation is measured by how quickly and effectively you're able to go live with Dayforce. Our team helps you achieve a positive go-live experience by monitoring the project and aligning it with your primary goal – using Dayforce.

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