On-demand pay

Prioritize employee well-being by giving them real-time access to their earnings

On-demand pay disrupts the antiquated concept of a fixed pay period by giving employees access to their earned wages on-demand at no additional cost

Our research shows that 80% of employees are regularly stressed about their finances. On-demand pay, a feature of Dayforce Wallet, provides you with more flexibility over how and when to pay your employees. Eligible employees can access their earned wages during the active pay cycle, which means they do not have to wait for a fixed pay day to use what they have earned.The requested funds are conveniently deposited to a paycard, the Dayforce Prepaid Mastercard®, for convenient use. Employees can better manage unexpected expenses and have more financial flexibility, so they can be more productive and engaged at work.

Better engage employees

Show employees you value them by prioritizing their overall wellness by helping to minimize financial stress.

Improve your employer brand

Differentiate your organization as a company that prioritizes employee wellness to better compete for top talent.

Help reduce absenteeism

Alleviate employee financial burdens and help reduce the number of work absences by offering financial flexibility.

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