Payroll Features

What you need for better payroll

View, update and verify pay data any time during the pay cycle

Save time

Cut your payroll processing time significantly, and free up your resources.

Improve accuracy

Combining pay and time in a single system means fewer errors. 

Increase ROI

Streamlining your payroll processes means a greater bottom line.

Continuous calculations

Preview net pay, make edits and adjustments, and view results in real-time. Get a live, interactive payroll register showing actual payroll at any time during the pay cycle. This means better accuracy and compliance prior to committing.

Ease compliance

Easily address complex payroll and tax rules using our rules-based policy engine. Dayforce helps manage federal and state compliance requirements. 

Reduce errors

Get instantly notified of potential payroll errors with Dayforce's real-time error validation. This allows you to identify and address errors as they are introduced before committing pay. By receiving warnings before you commit, you can reduce errors and have a more accurate payroll.

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