Employee management software

Employee records in one place

A single system of record that connects all employee data

One record

Get a complete picture of each employee from a single employee record that is connected across Dayforce.

Easy access

Employee data can be conveniently and easily accessed across all of Dayforce, on mobile or desktop.


Leverage employee data throughout the platform to gain insights and make more informed decisions.

Employee card

The employee card provides a comprehensive view of an employee in one place. Click on an employee to view their information, direct reports, and key data. Any update to the employee card is immediate and available throughout Dayforce's HCM software platform.

Integrated employee data

Keep your employee information in one place, and get what you need, when you need it. This eliminates the need to access multiple systems as you go.

Organizational chart

Visually navigate the entire organizational hierarchy. Dayforce provides an interactive chart to easily view the company structure and employee ranking. Users can better understand the company structure and their place within it.

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