ACA reporting services

Care about your people, not paperwork

Focus on your employees, not admin work, by managing and automating Affordable Care Act requirements

Compliance help

Help ease your compliance needs with real-time, up-to-date ACA reporting services and tools for tracking ACA requirements.

Improve accuracy

Pull hours directly from other modules within Dayforce, leading to more accurate calculations of average hours.


Manage your coverage, and produce and populate forms for easy submission with a guided process for ACA reporting services.

Simplify calendar management

Easily configure calendar definitions with Dayforce. Take advantage of complete flexibility in defining your standard measurement, and administrative and stability periods for both ongoing employees and new hires. All valid calendars can be accommodated.

Calculate statuses automatically

Automatically calculate full-time employee statuses based on average hours. View eligibility information at the employee level, and get visibility into the average hours calculations that determine whether an employee qualifies as full-time according to ACA regulation.

Use consolidated human capital management data

Our single application combines payroll, time, and benefits data in a single screen. Make better decisions by viewing all pertinent ACA-related data at once. Easily manage coverage and make informed decisions based on real-time data.


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