Dayforce Payroll

Continuous calculation transforms the payroll experience

Work on payroll at any time throughout the pay period

Your payroll team is empowered to access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes. This provides them with more time for reviews and audits, which helps to ensure a more complete and accurate payroll submission.

Continuous calculation

Net pay is automatically updated whenever a time, benefits, or HR record is changed through continuous calculation, keeping your data up-to-date and accurate.

Unified pay and time

Dayforce combines payroll and time so you can access and work on payroll at anytime during the pay period. This allows you to work on payroll at your pace and time.

Compliance managed

Our experts monitor changing trends and policies to help you address complex payroll and tax rules. These are coded directly into Dayforce, helping to manage compliance.

Payroll processing has changed

We've made payroll simpler by combining payroll and time in a single system. We built our solution to bridge the gap between pay and time, removing the pressure and burden of the traditional payroll process. Enabling payroll administrators to access their data throughout the pay period gives them more time for reviews and audits, ensuring less rework and greater accuracy.

Traditional Payroll

Problem #1

Payroll administrators are not able to access data that is locked in the time system until the pay period ends.

Problem #2

Receiving data late in the pay cycle leaves little time to process data and perform quality checks and audits.

Problem #3

Payroll is committed with unprocessed data and errors, resulting in work that is carried over into the next pay cycle.

Dayforce Payroll

Solution #1

Dayforce combines payroll and time in a single application so you can work on payroll at any time during the pay period.

Solution #2

Continuous calculation of data throughout the pay period allows you to audit and verify data at your own pace.

Solution #3

All payroll data is processed and committed accurately and without rework carried over into the next pay cycle.

Payroll Features

Tax management

Automatically calculate, withhold, and file payroll taxes, including complex multi-jurisdictional taxes, so you focus on your core business.

Employee self service

Give employees access to pay and tax information from anywhere, at any time. They can view and manage their personal data without relying on HR.

Simple reporting

Administrators get all the necessary reports and features to reconcile their payroll. A catalog of reports is available within the payroll screen at any time.

Quick data entry

Empower administrators to make adjustments on the fly using quick entries for things like bonuses, retroactive payments, and one-time deductions.

Verification services

Access important forms needed to identify and pay employees directly within the application. We'll work with you to complete all relevant payroll forms.

Executive dashboards

Arm your managers and executive leadership with valuable payroll insights. This gives you the data you need to make more informed and better business decisions.

Customer Success

The Denver Broncos addressed the pain points of managing payroll for its complex workforce by using Dayforce. Eliminating their time-consuming manual processes and improving employee-manager communication leaves them more time to focus on employee experience and planning for the future.

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